Acupuncture has been practiced for a very long time. No one really knows exactly for how long but estimates range from 5 to 10,000 years and we do have written records from 2500 years ago. Regardless, it’s history is long and deep enabling it’s practitioners to access the benefit of time, experimentation and documentation to refine their skills and figure out what works. As the oldest form of medicine that we know of it has been used to help people with every form of illness that mankind has come in contact with. It works on the premise that a balanced physical, emotional and spiritual body is a healthy body. Unbalances begin and eventually show up as symptoms. These unbalances show up and can be detected in ones pulse, tongue and reflexes throughout the body sometimes way before the symptoms show up. The goal of acupuncture is to restore the body to balance and in so doing the body will heal itself.


Our life energy called Qi (pronounced Chee), flows through every cell in our body. While it flows to every cell it is transported via a system of rivers or highways called meridians. Various sites along these meridians or highways have been identified and are named acupuncture points. Meridians travel and interconnect with each other and all of our organs and many are named for the organs they connect with. When Qi or life force is flowing freely it provides the power for blood to get to the cells and organs. This is important because blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and organs and then takes away carbon dioxide and wastes. Without this process working efficiently we get sick and experience dis-ease. Centuries of postulating, experimenting and recording the results has identified points or stops along the meridians that when stimulated are able to effect other stops either close by or far away on that meridian and organ or on another meridian and organ causing balance to be achieved.


As an acupuncturist I have trained to find the imbalances and stimulate the appropriate points using very fine sterile pins or needles, that are only used once then discarded as medical waste, to re establish balance allowing the body to heal itself. Most of the time patients are not even aware of the insertion.


Are you a candidate? I’m not sure but through a very comprehensive examination will be able to determine if you are. Don’t you owe yourself the opportunity to find out if you can resolve your health issues naturally. Just give a call 201 788-0394.


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