Seven years ago we began utilizing the services of Mike O’Neill at Wilsey Square Acupuncture and Massage for the Mt St Dominic Academy Cross Country and Track and Field teams. A friend and parent at the time recommended Mike’s services for the team since his daughter was having such great success with the treatments that she was receiving. I immediately contacted Mike and we began what has become an invaluable relationship in keeping my athletes and my teams over the years healthy and without major injury. Mike has a calming, soothing, and sincere approach to dealing with our female athletes.

As a coach of all three seasons at Mt St Dominic, I have utilized Mike in the area of Sports Massage as well as Acupuncture on a regular basis. Mike has become a part of our team and the athletes that utilize his services completely believe in the health aspect of their training. He has become a part of their training program not only during the season but during the entire year.

Our injury rates on the team are extremely low due to Mike’s involvement and his innate ability to troubleshoot as well as assess potential injuries or issues. Additionally, Mike has had a major involvement in helping me as a Coach attend to my athletes on short notice. This type of personal attention is invaluable to me as a Coach.

I always look forward to my discussions with Mike as he provides me with a wealth of knowledge that as a Coach I can utilize in my daily life! We are a small Catholic school in Essex County with access to Mr. O’Neill’s professional services which I believe only Division 1 Universities have access to for their athletes. I highly recommend Mike O’Neill’s services to any individual, athlete, or institution. Although I am partial to Mike, if my life ever takes me out of NJ, I always plan to utilize sports massage and acupuncture as a regular healing modality in my life and for my athletes. 

Asim Kohli
Head Coach
Cross Country and Track & Field
Mt St Dominic Academy
Caldwell, NJ