Massage.  Probably the oldest, most natural and intuitive form of healing that we know.  If we bump into a corner or object and it hurts our instinctive automatic response is to rub it.  Hence the origins of massage.  In the absence of injury just the experience of touch is both soothing and relaxing.

Here at Wilsey Square Acupuncture and Massage I practice massage in a number of ways depending upon your needs.  Traditional full body massages where you are unclothed and under a sheet utilizing massage oil, sweedish or deep tissue techniques are performed.  I also offer acupressure massage wherein you are fully clothed laying on the table receiving soothing pressure designed to relax both your body and mind.  A perfect massage when oil may not be appropriate such as mid day when you are in dress clothes and have to go back to work.  Additionally, I am certified in and practice the Myoskeletal Alignment Technique authored by Dr. Eric Dalton.  This is a wonderful modality used to realign the musculature, prevent injury and deal with injury when it occurs.

Traditional full body massages are normally one hour in length while acupressure massages are usually about a half hour.  Depending upon the purpose Myoskeletal Alignment massages range from one half hour to an hour and sometimes slightly longer.

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